AS 1005 Barraquer Wire Speculum, small
AS 1009 Barraquer Wire Speculum, large
AS 1010 Barraquer Wire Speculum, heavy wire, large
AS 1015 Barraquer Wire Speculum, solid blade, small
AS 1016 Barraquer Wire Speculum, solid blade, large
AS 1020 Kratz-Barraquer Wire Speculum, small
AS 1025 Kratz-Barraquer Wire Speculum, large
AS 1030 Kratz-Barraquer Wire Speculum, with wings
AS 1035 Infant Wire Speculum
AS 1040 McIntyre Wire Speculum, closed wires
AS 1045 McIntyre Wire Speculum, open wires
AS 1050 Thornton-Barraquer Wire Speculum
AS 1055 Grandon-Barraquer Wire Speculum, wire blades
AS 1056 Grandon-Barraquer Wire Speculum, solid blades
AS 1060 Tennant Lid Retractor wire blades, pair
AS 1061 Tennant Lid Retractor solid blades, pair
AS 1065 Sauer Lid Speculum for Infants
AS 1070 Sauer Lid Speculum for Premature Infants
AS 1075 Cook Eye Speculum, solid, small #1
AS 1076 Cook Eye Speculum, solid, medium #2
AS 1077 Cook Eye Speculum, solid, large #3
AS 1080 Murdock Eye Speculum, fenestrated, small #1
AS 1081 Murdock Eye Speculum, fenestrated, medium #2
AS 1082 Murdock Eye Speculum, fenestrated, large #3
AS 1090 Clark Eye Speculum, small
AS 1095 Clark Eye Speculum, large
AS 1100 Williams Eye Speculum, small
AS 1105 Williams Eye Speculum, large
AS 1110 Weiss Eye Speculum, small
AS 1115 Weiss Eye Speculum, large
AS 1120 Lancaster Eye Speculum
AS 1130 Lester-Burch Eye Speculum
AS 1140 Castroviejo Eye Speculum, small #1
AS 1142 Castroviejo Eye Speculum, medium #2
AS 1144 Fishkind-Castroviejo Lid Speculum
AS 1145 McPherson Eye Speculum
AS 1150 Guyton-Park Eye Speculum, solid blades
AS 1155 Guyton-Park Eye Speculum, fenestrated blades
AS 1160 Maumenee-Park Eye Speculum, solid blades
AS 1165 Maumenee-Park Eye Speculum, fenestrated blades
AS 1170 Park Eye Speculum, solid blades
AS 1175 Park Eye Speculum, fenestrated blades
AS 1180 Smirmaul Eye Speculum, solid blades
AS 1182 Smirmaul Eye Speculum, fenestrated blades
AS 1185 Mueller's Lacrimal Sac Retractor
AS 1190 Agricola Lacrimal Sac Retractor
AS 1200 Stevenson Lacrimal Sac Retractor, 3x3 blunt prongs
AS 1205 Stevenson Lacrimal Sac Retractor, solid blades
AS 1210 Goldstein Lacrimal Sac Retractor
AS 1220 Knapp Lacrimal Sac Retractor, blunt
AS 1225 Knapp Lacrimal Sac Retractor, sharp
AS 1230 Jaffe Wire Lid Retractor, small pair
AS 1235 Jaffe Wire Lid Retractor, large pair
AS 1240 Clayman Lid Retractor, pair
AS 1250 Dastoor Iris Retractor, straight
AS 1255 Dastoor Iris Retractor, left
AS 1256 Dastoor Iris Retractor, right
AS 1260 Desmarres Lid Retractor, sizes 0-3
AS 1270 Schepens Forked Orbital, Retractor
AS 1280 Flieringa Scleral Fixation Ring set of 8 sizes (15-22) diameter
AS 1290 Goldman Scleral Fixation Ring, adult size
AS 1295 Gass Scleral Marker
AS 1300 Schepens Scleral Depressor, small #08
AS 1305 Schepens Scleral Depressor, medium #10
AS 1307 Schepens Scleral Depressor, large #12
AS 1310 Schocket Scleral Depressor